Swine Nurseries

Swine Nurseries

Swine nurseries have always been a real challenge for any farmer to maintain a good healthy growing environment. It is one of the harshest environments for metal on the face of the earth.

Fresh air, humidity, and ammonia are major factors that hinder swine health in nurseries. Some of this humidity is caused by box or tube heaters vented inside the nursery. In order to control the humidity in nurseries, Mabre has the solution that is very simple. Mabre is vented to the outside so no humidity and no carbon monoxide is entering the building. With using high CFM blowers for air circulation, fresh air intake, working with the ventilation, and a little heat, will cut the humidity and dry out the nursery very easily. There are many days that the humidity outside is high, and the fan ventilation is drawing in the moist outside air. Mabre can introduce minimum ventilation fresh air to the barn through the return air duct so the fresh air needs to pass over the furnace exchanger to dry out while mixing with the return air. Sending optimum- fresh, dry air to the barn through the air ducts.

When the humidity is reduced, ammonia levels will also be reduced. When there is reduce ammonia, there will be weight gain and healthy piglets.

Mabre is capable up to muti-heating 8 different zones per unit. So keeping the younger swine warmer in an isolated room is no problem.
Mabre can provide a optimum, fresh and dry air environment for your nursery swine.

With Mabre – “it is simple”.

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