Grain Drying

Grain Drying

Mabre carries a renewable energy line up of high heating output furnaces for large heating demands.  This system can easily adapt to new or existing grain dryers and provides hot and dry air as a primary or supplemental heat source. The Mabre can also be equipped with automatic feed and automatic ash removal, so no downtime is permitted.

With the increase fluctuating fuel costs and the new carbon tax, can make budgeting for the drying season difficult and expensive.  In reality, it is making it harder on the bottom line for grain handling facilities.

Using wood chips as a fuel source is exempt from this new carbon tax.  The Wood chip series furnaces will save your company a considerable amount of money on your fuel costs, from 50%, to as much as 70% compared to propane.  This gives a quick return on your investment and will give you a future of low drying cost.

General Information

With conventional direct fired dryers, more BTUs are needed compared to the Mabre- indirect fired furnace.  With conventional direct fired dryers, water vapour is produced through the combustion process along with other harmful hydrocarbons. This water vapour and harmful hydrocarbons are absorbed back into the dryer so extra BTUs are needed to dry out this water vapour.

Propane gas – consists of 81 % water.  Natural gas – consists of 65% water.  Example: Every litre of liquid propane produces .81 litres water and every cu meter of liquid natural gas produces .65 cu meter of water.  With Mabre, any water that is evaporated from the wood chips goes up the chimney and not into the dryer, so less BTUs are needed.  NO harmful combustion gas is emitted into the feed stock with the Mabre system.

In southern Ontario, 2 year wood chip contracts are available NOW.

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