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Mabre has been servicing the greenhouse industry for over 40 years. Manufacturing high performance heating equipment for the greenhouse industry to markets all over the world.

Mabre’s instant and uniform heating gives the heat when it is needed – quickly.

Also, with moving high volumes of air, Mabre is able to keep the greenhouse environment drier with better humidity control then with conventional boiler heating system.

Mabre is also cost effective to purchase and is a fraction of the cost of a hot water boiler installation. It also reduces operating costs while maintaining a high fuel efficiency of over 90%.

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Dermers Greenhouses, L’Assomption, Quebec

Cannabis Information

Mabre is the industry leader in commercial heating and humidity control for the greenhouse industry around the world. Being in business for over 44 years and product in over 50 countries, growers rely on Mabre for hot and dry air and energy saving performance for top quality cannabis crops.

Mabre is your ALL IN ONE piece of equipment to supply heat, humidity control in the grow, fresh air make up and air circulation. Additions can be added to the same system- CO2 injection, chilled air, and odour control.

In any cannabis grow, humidity is always the biggest enemy and a challenge to control. High humidity causes all kinds of mildews and bacteria to grow and can result in great economic loss.

Growers always ask us, “How can you control humidity with heat?” It’s very simple, Mabre is designed and engineered to move high volumes of air that is circulated into the grow using an engineered duct system. In cannabis, this is primarily under the tables or along the ground using poly or fabric convection tubes which enable total heat and air distribution. In any grow, the moisture concentration is sourced under the tables close to the ground because of  the irrigation and transpiration moisture of the underside of the leaf. Humidity correction is achieved by the environment controller signaling the Mabre to create little heat along with the high air flow. (not enough to raise the room space temperature). Causing the moisture to evaporate very quick and suspending the moisture in the air mass of the building structure envelope. The controller will send signal to the ventilation fan to draw out this moist air and bring in drier fresh air. This process is very effective and economical. This can result in giving the grower total climate control. cutting humidity in minutes.

Along with this, is the significant reduction in operation cost compared to any electric dehumidification equipment. Mabre is the most cost effective way, with the least overhead capital for any cannabis grow, along with the lowest operating costs on the market today.

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With Mabre- It is simple

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Asland, Oregon, USA