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Mabre S.L.R. has been manufacturing hot air furnaces since 1974 and exports to over 52 countries.  It also boasts on the heating efficiency of over 90 %.

Mabre are installed in warehouses, garages, shops, storage facilities in commercial and industrial buildings. Every furnace is capable to heat up to 8 heating zones with a frequency drive variable speed blower to bring the appropriate air flow to each zone with the upgraded PLC.  Mabre heaters have the heating power up to 1,125,000 million BTU in gas to do large heating loads.

Mabre can be used for drying such as “rental units” for air drying  basements and buildings caused by water and flood damage. With large CFM blowers, Mabre is capable of drying a large area in a short period of time.

Mabre also has a “Green Line Up” of  biomass furnaces that fuel waste residue such as wood pellet and wood chip  that makes a economical heating source.  Mabre has over 300 installations in North America.

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Mabre is now working on installing a wood chip biomass heating facility for a mining project in Northern Quebec. The purpose of the wood chip is to reduce the dependability of fossil fuel and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The wood chip heating facility is carbon neutral using a local wood chip supply.

The economics will be very substantial as far as heat savings will go. Also with Mabre, the heat will be very dry.

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